Ok, so we all know that CreativeLIVE needs several things to operate.

1. The creator behind it.

2. The talent.

3. The internet.

4. A creative live crew.

4. Some camera guys.

all props on this photo go to Nikki, AKA EpicDanger. She rocked this shot so hard that I felt it was needed for the camera guy photo.

That’s it right? Uhh no. In fact that is just the tippy top of the iceberg. You mean the final videos that are uploaded for your downloading pleasure weren’t automatically that good? Seriously? That’s right folks, there is a ton of work that goes into creativeLIVE, and no offense, because the show could not go on without the talent, but the talent is just the icing on the cupcake. Which, come on we all know the icing is the best part, but there is a whole lot of work that needs to go into making that cake that the icing sits atop. So this post is for all the bakers, err I mean crew.

Now, some of these guys you may have seen if you watched the live feed, they were the ones frantically connecting cables, or micing (sp? wordpress is trying to change it to mincing, mining, mixing, icing, or dicing) people up, or you may have seen them crawl across the floor to fix a wire, or they came on camera to mention how angry their cat was at them. Now, talking about the cat doesn’t seem that important right? I mean come on, we want Tamara! However, the reason the cat was brought up, was because Nikko had been sitting behind a computer for about 5 days during the days prior and during the nights of the workshop. Yes, I said that correctly, 5 days/nights. So his cat is important….because his cat was MAD! Imagine what your cat would do if you didn’t come home for a few days…yupp, his cat probably did it. He just so happens to be the reason that if you missed the live feed, you were able to watch the rewatch and/or download the videos the SAME DAY as the workshop! This probably seems like a random post, but it is so important.

I’m going to throw out some names, see how many you recognize… Jon, Craig, Celeste, Sara, David, Melody, Adam. One or two maybe? Those are all the Creativelive crew right there. Why so many? Because that is how many are needed for the show to go on!

Now let’s try this one…we all know the chat hosts Kenna and Susan, who represent the internet, but did you know Arlene and Bruce were helping them speak for the internet? There were thousands of questions coming in, there is no way two people could handle it alone.

And last but not least, the ones that helped make sure you were not only able to watch this entire thing live on the internet, but also made sure you were able to download these after the fact. Teurth, Drew, Valerie, Chelsea, Bill, Nikko, Jacob, Miles, and Anthony. Yep, without them, it wouldn’t have mattered that Celeste made sure everyone was in their seat, Kenna and Susan were fielding internet questions, and that Chase had an amazing idea, or that Tamara Lackey was in Seattle. Without them, the only people who would have benefited from this weekend would be Jesse. Alison, Nikki, Jim, Sarah, and myself. However, because of them, you were all able to watch this live, Tamara was able to cover a lot more stuff, and you can now own a copy of the workshop forever. Do you know how long you will be able to benefit from this past weekend because of that? Let me tell you…forever and ever, and ever. So this goes out to all the people who work behind the scenes, thank you! You all worked incredibly hard, and I had no idea how much work went on behind the scenes when I watched the Jasmine Star workshop. You guys rock and the show would not be able to go on without you. So THANK YOU!

ps-if you missed the $99 downloads, $149 is still a ridiculously good deal for all the massive amount of amazing information that was thrown down this weekend. So get your rear over to the CreativeLIVE website and get yourself a copy if you think you might be even remotely interested in watching this amazing awesomeness again!