Katie Fulton Photography Has A New Blog!

Katie Fulton Photography has a brand spankin new blog that is up and running! I am so excited for it to be finished and to share it with all of you!


Merry Christmas & the Big Facebook Reveal

So the big exciting event this Christmas was a gift for my cousin Jackie. After many hours of convincing, and 2 years of asking, plus many, many hours of her lovely cousins talking with their aunt about the wonderful privacy settings, my cousin was finally allowed to get a facebook. Now, my aunt being the Martha Stewart that she is can’t just say you can have a facebook. She has to do this in style. My cousins face on a book and all. It took her a minute or two, or five to get it, but it was funny when she finally did.

Wondering why her face is on a book?…

Oh wait! I get it!

My brothers and I…

and of course, setting up the infamous facebook!

Mom and aunt getting warm by the…errrrr…fire? Like I said…we call my aunt Martha. She goes all out, even without a fireplace she makes sure there is one going nonstop.

Their tree, the angel is slightly squished, but she will get over it.

My dad loves Christmas…my mom hates Christmas. However, my dad does all the yard work, so he gets to control the outdoor decorations…and goes all out!

I love my house at Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and loved ones!

If only you had brought your camera home…

So the other night my dad walks into my room and says “if only you had brought your camera home, you could take some pictures of the lunar eclipse.”

My response? “umm dad, is that a serious statement?”

My dad “oh did you bring it home?”

Haha umm what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t bring my camera home? Anyway, my Dad, brother and I watched the eclipse the other night. Being that while I brought my camera home, yet forgot my tripod and left my long lens, these were hand-held at 6400 iso with my 85mm 1.8. I still dig them though…they aren’t as fancy as the other ones I have seen, but I am ok with that. Photographing the moon is not my specialty, just in case anyone was wondering 🙂

Thanksgiving 2010…Chicago IL

So I am seriously behind on the blogging thing, so I thought I would share some photos of my cousin from Thanksgiving weekend. She is such a cutie, and to be truthful I probably treat her more like a niece that a cousin (she is 20 years younger than me after all) which pretty much means I spoil her slightly 🙂 Anyway, here she is…

I plan to get her a real drum set pretty soon…I know my aunt and uncle will LOVE that 😛

She will repeat pretty much anything you say, however her most common word is no, or niet (that is how it is pronounced, not the actual spelling) which is no in Russian.

Getting warm by the fire!

Seriously could she be any cuter?

Ok, let me just say we were downtown at the German market. It was freezing, and super crowded. I wanted to cry to, however, its less acceptable when you are 22. Even so, there is just something about this photo I love. Her eyes, her expression, and those little tears forming…I just love it.

Tamara Lackey would be proud...I took this photo without looking through the camera, figured I would give it a shot, and I love it!

She really enjoyed riding the elevator and watching the christmas lights in the mall. I love the reflections here.

Last but not least, this is her PLEASE if you love me you will stop taking pictures. Please please please no more pictures? Please?


These last two were taken from my phone…my camera was put away (see photo above) it’s not iphone camera quality, but it was just to cute not to post. All the sudden we hear her slowly walking down the hall and she walks in wearing these…wrong feet and all. So preciously adorable!

Some Exciting News!

So, first of all, I apologize for my absence on here. I totally realize I have dropped the blogging ball recently. However, there is a good reason…and it is super-duper crazy exciting. Ok, so it may only be super exciting for me, but o well. It’s like the best Christmas gift ever, even though I am working my behind off to get it finished! By the first of the year, Katie Fulton Photography will have a brand spankin new blog! After that will come the website, but lets take one step at a time here k?

So without further ado, I give you…a little bit of a tease!

And, a new edit on this photo…I prefer this edit much more, and love it in black and white! Gosh that little girl was so dang cute!

Funny In-Action Shots!

Sarah grabbed some fun shots of me in action at creativelive…thought they were funny so of course I have to share them! Enjoy…

Helping miss Riley take a picture of Sarah! I am making a crazy looking face in this one…however…

Chase Jarvis is making a similar face in this shot with Jack…so it makes me feel slightly better!

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

Ok, so first, let me tell you all a little about my friend Jack. Jack traveled to Seattle all the way from Dubai for Tamara Lackey’s CreativeLIVE class. After arriving, poor Jack got super sick and had to hit up the doctor, and poor baby looked so sick and miserable for the first two or so days, it broke my heart. However, on the third day, he was feeling much better, thanks to some antibiotics and some serious Daddy love while Mommy was learning. So without further ado, meet Jack! A very special 1-year-old!

Just a heads up. these were taken on the white seamless that was still set up from the day before, however, no lights, no reflectors, just Jack, me, and my camera.

Love his little expression!

This photo cracks me up! I love his expression and how much fun he is having! He totally dug the white seamless, if I hit the back, it makes noise!

Little bit serious for a moment!

And last but not least, a big smile, and adoring eyes that only Mom or Dad and bring out!

Happy Birthday lil guy! I hope you celebrated hard, and ate lots of yummy cake!! Glad your feeling all better!

To see more of this cutie, check out  Sarah’s blog! AKA Mom