So on Sunday, I was broadcast live on the internet. LIVE. Seriously?? I now sit in a coffee shop because I have zero internet, and spotty cell service at best in my Grandparents apartment in Chicago. Talk about from one thing to another, I went from being broadcast live, to feeling completely cut off from the world!

Anyway, I a working on several blog posts in a word document…I know right? I am writing my blog posts in a word document so when I have internet I can post them! I have decided to break down my very long single post into several posts so that I can give each “post” the information it needs and give it my all. Also, I know that when I go to a blog and the post starts out really good, and I want to keep reading but it is a 4 page long blog post, my eyes start to roll into the back of my head and my concentration gets totally shot. So for anyone else with that problem, this is for you!

However, since those posts are not yet finished, I needed some serious sleep last night, I am going to throw some lyrics down here to explain kind of how I feel right now after this amazing weekend I just endured.

I woke up this morning

and at this point in my life

im not yet anybody’s wife

the only one who wakes me up with kisses is the sun

and im not going to run

its a new day

nothin standing in my way

I’ve got my best foot forward

time to move toward that shooting star

knowing im gonna go far

That is only part of it, but since the artist is new, there are no lyrics written out online so I had to listen to it and type as I listened…it wasn’t to hard since it has been on repeat all morning! I highly recommend jumping on Itunes and purchasing it! It is called “Best Foot Forward” by Jenna Paulette. She actually went to college with me and is making her way in the music industry. She just got some of her songs on Itunes which is so super exciting for her. So, if you like the lyrics, go ahead and get it, you will not regret I promise!

Anyway, I feel like this weekend was my big “door opening” experience. I learned a ton, and can’t even begin to describe it, hence the other blog posts are still being worked on. I have said this about a million times in the past few days, but I just feel so incredibly blessed. I didn’t even realize I needed something like this until it happened, and I am just bursting at the seams with happiness, creative juices, and a little bit of sadness that it’s over. Bring on the downloads baby!!!

Here I am with my version of celebrities. People in the non-photography world say “who?” I say “Umm only the celebrities in the photo world!”