So the big exciting event this Christmas was a gift for my cousin Jackie. After many hours of convincing, and 2 years of asking, plus many, many hours of her lovely cousins talking with their aunt about the wonderful privacy settings, my cousin was finally allowed to get a facebook. Now, my aunt being the Martha Stewart that she is can’t just say you can have a facebook. She has to do this in style. My cousins face on a book and all. It took her a minute or two, or five to get it, but it was funny when she finally did.

Wondering why her face is on a book?…

Oh wait! I get it!

My brothers and I…

and of course, setting up the infamous facebook!

Mom and aunt getting warm by the…errrrr…fire? Like I said…we call my aunt Martha. She goes all out, even without a fireplace she makes sure there is one going nonstop.

Their tree, the angel is slightly squished, but she will get over it.

My dad loves Christmas…my mom hates Christmas. However, my dad does all the yard work, so he gets to control the outdoor decorations…and goes all out!

I love my house at Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and loved ones!