Ok, so first, let me tell you all a little about my friend Jack. Jack traveled to Seattle all the way from Dubai for Tamara Lackey’s CreativeLIVE class. After arriving, poor Jack got super sick and had to hit up the doctor, and poor baby looked so sick and miserable for the first two or so days, it broke my heart. However, on the third day, he was feeling much better, thanks to some antibiotics and some serious Daddy love while Mommy was learning. So without further ado, meet Jack! A very special 1-year-old!

Just a heads up. these were taken on the white seamless that was still set up from the day before, however, no lights, no reflectors, just Jack, me, and my camera.

Love his little expression!

This photo cracks me up! I love his expression and how much fun he is having! He totally dug the white seamless, if I hit the back, it makes noise!

Little bit serious for a moment!

And last but not least, a big smile, and adoring eyes that only Mom or Dad and bring out!

Happy Birthday lil guy! I hope you celebrated hard, and ate lots of yummy cake!! Glad your feeling all better!

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