Alright, lets take a step back to Thursday. I had just landed in Seattle, and was having a complete “is this real life?” moment. I could seriously not hold in my excitement. After getting my bag, I sat down at baggage claim to wait for Nikki to land so we could share a cab. We met, I danced in place as we waited for her bag, we exchanged some of her Canadian monies for some dolla dolla bills, and headed off to the hotel. Once we got there, besides being super hungry, we checked emails and all that stuff, and then decided to go help out since Tamara and the CreativeLive team had mentioned that they could use some help. After checking in with them that we should head on over, we made our way to the studio that sits behind a hidden blue door. Seriously, if Nikki didn’t know where it was, Alison would have found me several hours later still walking up and down the street looking for it. However, Nikki was a lifesaver in this moment. So we found the door, and walked in and who do we run smack into…Chase Jarvis. Now, most people would think he would be like yaaaa you should know who I am….nope. Chase was all “Hey I’m Chase.” While Nikki and I thought to ourselves…umm of course we know who you are, your Chase Jarvis for goodness sakes! When in actuality we were introducing ourselves and shaking his hand. Then we took two more steps, and Tamara Lackey jumps up from her computer across the room, and comes over to give us a hug. Talk about some serious heaven for a few minutes. I felt like I just met the biggest celebrities in the world. After raiding the kitchen for something to eat, we got to work helping set up for the weekend. When it started to get late Tamara was all “hey, lets order pizza and get a bottle of wine.” So that’s what we did. We ordered some pizzas, and drank gas station white wine…with Tamara Lackey!

Ok so let’s get down to the point of that little back story. Both Chase and Tamara were so incredibly down to Earth. They are two of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met, as are the rest of the creativelive crew members. And let me tell you something else, the people you saw while you sat glued to your computer chair watching the live feed, that is 100% them. They are the exact same people on camera as they are off. The people who write their blog posts, and give their presentations, totally them.  Now some people may not find that strange, but the last time I met someone I had deemed a celebrity in the photography world, that was not even anywhere near the case. This time it was. They are themselves, and don’t let anything stop them from being themselves, even thousands of people watching a live feed on the internet. I think that is awesome! I also think, and Tamara mentioned it, but I think it is so true, that it is part of what makes them so successful. Everyone tries so hard to be someone different, to do work like that photographer, to be as successful as so and so, and so on. However, the best thing we can do is be ourselves.

And some group shots, taken by the ever fabulous Nikko, who was bracing for his night of editing the day 3 footage. He did a dang good job for little to no sleep all weekend! So glad we got you to come out to dinner and hang that night Nikko!

“An artists only concern is to shoot for perfection, and on his own terms not anyone else’s.”

-JD Salinger