Hello internet! Let me start off by saying that typing to you and sharing photos is MUCH easier than photographing while thousands of you watch me, not to mention THE Tamara Lackey standing right next to me ready to give me feedback. Really? Talk about the most nerve-wracking moment of my life…I have so much respect for all the CreativeLive photographers, special shout out to the two I have watched/attended, Jasmine Star and Tamara Lackey! I seriously have a thousand times more respect for you guys, and I already had mad respect for you, so I pretty much have tons and tons of respect for you both! It was legit the scariest thing in the world…I know everyone says ignore the cameras, act like they aren’t there, yada yada, but do you know how hard that is? Not only do you have a tiny human in front of you that you are trying to connect with, but then you are reminded that one of the photographers that you have looked up to for years is right next to you, not to mention the thousands of people tuning in from the internet….uhhhhhh SCARY! Anyway, here are some photos from the day…with very LITTLE editing, because, well, I am seriously exhausted! So this will have to suffice for now…with promise of more info and more photos with better editing later 🙂