Carrie and Allen met four years ago, when some of Carrie’s co-workers wanted to set her up on a blind date. After putting it off, she finally decided to give in and meet the guy, and it’s a good thing she did! They had their first date at an engagement party and have been together ever since! Allen wasn’t big on the pictures thing, but he was such a trooper and it was so sweet that was such a good sport about it because he knew it was important to Carrie. Don’t worry Allen, you only have to deal with me for one more day! Can’t wait to share your special day with both of you!

In my crazy attempts to get Allen to laugh, I’m pretty sure he thought I was some crazy chick with a camera, but hey, Carrie thought I was funny!

Last shot of the day, Allen was thinking “thank goodness we are done!” while Carrie was thinking “Allen is such a great guy for putting up with Katie for past two hours!”

There are many more to come of these two!