A few months back Stephanie contacted me to do some photos of her doing yoga. I meant to get them up on the blog a long time ago, but they got lost in the shuffle and I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce her and an amazing workshop she will be hosting. Stephanie teaches yoga at the Savannah Yoga center, and if you haven’t already been there, you need to check it out if you love yoga. They have a wonderful yoga community in their beautiful new studio, and their boutique. My first time trying yoga was at the Savannah Yoga Center, and after trying several different yoga studios in my hometown when I visited, I found nothing compared to the wonderful staff, the beautiful and relaxing environment, and the absolutely amazing teachers at SYC (Savannah Yoga Center.) Anyway, this month, Stephanie will be teaching a workshop on November 6th at the Savannah Yoga Center. I know it is kind of last-minute, but I had the pleasure of being invited with a small group to join Stephanie in her “trial run” of the workshop, and let me tell you it is amazing! The workshop is calling “Growing from Grief: A Healing Yoga Workshop with Stephanie Jones.” Take a minute to check out the Savannah Yoga Center’s website and /or Stephanies Yoga Website and take the time to go to this amazing workshop with Stephanie! You won’t regret it!

Ps-if you can’t make the workshop, get off your lazy bum and go to one of her amazing classes at the Savannah Yoga Center! I particularly love any dynamic flow class! Ashtanga is great if you want a hard core workout, and for a relaxing, peaceful class, go with restorative. Seriously though, all the classes are amazing!