I have some truly amazing news to share with you all! As many of my loyal blog followers know (yea, im talking to all 2 of you :-P) the past 7 months have been incredibly hard. It started with the biggest and hardest event, and has slowly dwindled to small things here or there. However, when dealing with the big event, (anyone that doesn’t know what I am talking about can go back through my archives to April) those small events seem to set me back even more. It’s like the first one plowed over me, and just when I started to get back up, something else came and knocked me back down. Which, to be honest, really does a number on your self-esteem, your confidence, and your overall happiness. To say that my dreams have been slightly put on hold, but always on my back burner of true desire, is an understatement. I was in the “safe zone” and doing anything too risky, would require putting myself out there, and being open to judgment, and had potential to knock me right back down on my kisser.

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I was blog stalking, (yes I blog stalk, and don’t pretend you don’t because I know you all do) and landed on Tamara Lackey’s blog http://www.tamaralackeyblog.com/ She doesn’t tend to post very often, so I don’t check it as much as some of the other blogs I stalk. Anyway, it was a good thing I landed on her blog, because she had just posted some awesome news, she was going to be doing a workshop in Seattle with CreativeLIVE! My first thought, I need to purchase those downloads. Then I watched her video, where she invited people to send in a 60 second video explaining why they want to be chosen to go to the workshop and all that jazz. After the deadline, they were going to pick 6 people to be part of the live audience. Well, after a lot of thought, and convincing myself that I should take this risk, I started brainstorming…alot. I think I started about 6 different ideas before finally coming up with one. So I borrowed one of my clients kids for the afternoon, and got started. The only problem? I had no idea how to put it together the way I wanted it to look. That’s where Errison came in. After I finished recording all my videos, had my song in place, some voice recording, as well as pictures, I zipped that baby up and sent it his way with a long list of my criteria…but seriously you do whatever you think will look best, just make sure it includes this, this, this, and this. Yea, perfection is my middle name. However, the final video was not perfect, and I decided to be 100% ok with that. Errison did a great job putting it together for me, especially when he is 6 states away!

So long story short, or very long story shorter i guess, I submitted my video, and being new to twitter left me all kinds of messed up when my video was not showing up for #creativelive! I spent several hours stressing over it, emailing, twittering? tweeting? whatever it is called, and after 2 days of complete stress, it was finally listed! That was Wednesday. Originally we all thought the 6 chosen ones would be announced on Thursday….wrong. Then we all thought they would be announced on Friday…wrong, sort of, I guess it was still Friday in Seattle, but here in Savannah it was Sunday. Twitter was on my computer in front of me, constantly being refreshed, and I had a knot the size of Saturn in my stomach, actually that has been there since I decided to enter a video at all, but that’s besides the point.

At 12:38, I refreshed Tamara Lackey’s blog, to see that the final 6 list was finally up! As I scrolled down, I saw the faces of two of the cutest little boys staring up at me. Not only were they adorable, but I knew them! That was my video! Listed on Tamara’s blog as one of the 6 people being invited to Seattle! I cannot believe it! I am so overwhelmed, and have re-checked the blog several times to make sure that I was not dreaming, my video was indeed listed! I could not be more excited. I feel that by working on the video, and actually submitting it, I have re-energized my creativity, and reminded myself why I want to be a children’s photographer. So anyway, I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders, that this is the first step in releasing all of the bad energy from my life, and finally becoming myself again. It’s been a long time since I have seen me, and I am overjoyed to finally be getting some of that back. Thank you Tamara, Chase, and the Creativelive team for such an amazing opportunity, and for choosing me to come to Seattle. You have no idea how much it means!

You can see my video at Tamara’s blog: