Yes, I know. I am not in a relationship, nor am I planning on getting married anytime soon, but that’s besides the point. It will probably take me until I plan a wedding to save up enough money to afford her, but that’s ok. I will be the wedding in a parking lot, with the reception at picnic tables, with Kraft mac n cheese for dinner, but it will be ok, because I will have Jasmine Star photographing my super redneck wedding. I’m just kidding…kind of. Seriously though, if I can’t afford her by the time I start planning a wedding I might be forced to kidnap her and JD until they promise to shoot it for me. Totally kidding about that one, but she is a seriously amazing photographer. Jasmine did a 5 day workshop for Creative Live that was so so so awesome. I am just finishing watching it now, but she as so open about all of her work, business, and photography. She shot a live wedding for the entire internet to watch, as well as showed how she would go about processing the images she shot, and answered everyone’s many, many questions. If you missed it and want to purchase the downloads, (which are totally worth it) you can do so here. She is such a role model, not just to me, but to all of the photographers out there. Whether or not you shoot weddings, you can learn so much from her during this workshop. Not to mention, you can attend at 1AM in your pajamas, with a glass of wine if you want! Not that I did that or anything.

These photos are from a wedding I second shot a while back, they never made it to the blog because, well I didn’t really keep up with the blog back then, but I am so inspired I thought I would post them.