This time last year, I was overjoyed with excitement in planning my study abroad trip to Lacoste, France. I was packing, and shopping, and packing my shopping, and imagining all the wonderful places I would see, as well as the wonderful friends I would make. And let me tell you, I made some super wonderful friends. This time last year, I was a college student, and still felt like one. Now, just one short year later, I am a college graduate with my life ahead of me. A huge question of where to move to looming over my head, and nonstop planning. Not planning my trip to Europe, but planning my business. This time last year, I knew my baby brother was entering his senior year in high school, but now? He isn’t old enough to be heading to college in 2 weeks! He is still my baby brother, known for picking on me, and driving me mad, but lovable all the same. And my younger cousin? She is definitely NOT old enough to have SAT and college books piled on her desk. I remember when she was no older than the little newborn I photographed last weekend, and I certainly remember being very upset that my 6 year old self was not allowed to hold her. It is so weird that in just one short year, everything has changed so much. Although I don’t feel any older,  the people around me getting older makes me realize that yes, time continues to move, and at an alarming rate at that. Im not really sure on the point of this blog post, just felt like getting this out there. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, and it is crazy what difference a year makes.

Here is another photo from my newborn shoot, she was just to cute for words!