I don’t even know where to begin. I have been photographing this family for about a year now, and have loved every second of it. Each and every one of them, children and adults is absolutely amazing. I would do anything for any of them, and I know they would do the same for me. I am beyond blessed to have met them, and to have them all in my life.

Anyway, get yourself ready for lots of pictures in this post! Without further ado, their beautiful kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, and last but definitely not least, the kids that remind me why I love what I do…

For the parents of the child with no good pictures, get ready. I had a very hard time choosing just one for the blog. He was hogging my camera with adorable smiles and faces!

Showing off her “kini.”

Note to self: Don’t tell a boy he looks beautiful in a picture (even if it’s true) it turns into a long story of who in his family hates beautiful, aka according to him everyone. 😛

Do these kids not all have fabulous eyes?

The newest family member showing off his American pride.

Can’t leave out the two newest Dad’s, burp cloths and all 🙂

The way you know the day was successful? Two peacefully exhausted kids and Dad watching Aladdin alone.

The main reason for the peaceful exhaustion? The coolest Grandma ever. She rented this…

They played on it for the better half of the day, only stopping for breaks for a snack here or there.

To end this post, a precious sleeping little boy. More to share, but this is it for now