I have been photographing these guys for about a year and a half now. Anyone remember this photo…?

or how about this one?

well in just over a year, these two seem to have shot up!

Trying to convince me that she didn’t need the pads to ride the skateboard, princess nightgown and all.

Check him out! No more training wheels for this guy!

Still trying to convince me…needless to say this is as far as she got.

“Hey Katie, take a picture of me riding down the driveway!” When I first photographed him, he referred to me as “the camera lady.”

How have they gotten so big in just a year? The little girl reading was exactly one year ago, and now she is so much bigger than she was then. It’s crazy! Also, another little girl today showed me her yearbook, class of 2022. Thats enough to make me feel super old!