So my wonderful graduation present, decided to break. I was photographing my cousins sweet 16 and after about half hour of shooting it stopped focusing. Turns out that part of the inside had broken and fallen in front of the mirror. Thank goodness I had my old body with me. I was always told to bring a backup camera, and the night that I actually had a backup camera at all, I needed it! I am so glad that I brought it.

The good news is that my Dad took it back to the store and they were shocked. They said they had never seen anything like that and replaced the camera no problem. Unfortunately, I left New Jersey on Sunday so I didn’t get to bring it back to Savannah with me, but it should be arriving shortly!

Anyway, here are some photos from the party! She looked so beautiful! Happy Sweet 16 Jackie!

The birthday girl with her sign outside the hotel!

The homemade cake….we joke with my Aunt and call her Martha…can you understand why?

Martha’s doing again…

Jake leading the congo line.

The birthday girl with Boy. Way back when she couldn’t say Timmie.

These two remind me or my best friend and I…they have been friends since diapers.

Jackie, I hope you enjoyed your party! Sorry I couldn’t meet your wishes and get all of these to you by 11 am the next morning! Once I finish editing you will get a disk, but here is a sneak peek!