This post is for high school girls (haven’t seen any boys with this problem yet.)  I have fought myself for several weeks over whether or not to post about it, but I can’t get it out of my head! I am friends on face book with a few family friends teenagers. I guess the new high school hit is a website called form spring. I have seen it pop up several times on my face book homepage and finally decided to see what it was. When I opened it, I had no idea what I was in for. On form spring, people can ask anonymous questions to the person who’s form spring it is. Now, in a perfect world, the questions would be fun and nice, but this is high school world. High school wasn’t easy when I was there, and it seems to have gotten worse. I was talking with another family friend who made her daughter delete the page as soon as she knew she had one. She said she has seen pages where people write comments such as “you need to know that everyone hates you. They are only nice to you because someone in your family died.” This is just another way to harass people over the internet, and not just that, but anonymously. I have seen many comments that are so graphic and sexual and the girls answer them! Apparently you don’t have to accept the question. You can deny it and it will never show up the page, however, whoever wrote the question or comment will know you denied it, opening the door to harass you more, and to say worse things to hurt you more. Even if the question is denied, that girl still read it, so while the world doesn’t know the mean things  that were said, that girl is still hurt by them. Seeing these pages is so upsetting to me, if girls don’t have respect for themselves, the boys writing the questions wont have any respect for them! The girls that I know who have form spring are smart, and beautiful, both on the inside and out. It kills me to see the questions that people ask, and whether or not their winking face as an answer is serious or not, guys don’t see it that way. If they ask something sexual and it is answered with a winking face, they expect that you are ready and willing. This website is just one more way to bring down the self esteem of others, and in my opinion, there is enough of that happening as it is, there doesn’t need to be a website to open yourself up to more hurt. I hate to see girls let guys treat them this way, and not just guys but other girls! Girls, you are better than that, don’t let people treat you that way!