Since I have been home this week, I have been spending a lot of time relaxing in my pj’s while doing some research about business. I have been looking at a lot of different photographer’s websites as well, and have found that many of them are incredibly hard to navigate. I have found sites that have videos to open, and a “skip intro” button, however the skip intro button doesn’t work. I have also come across sites where the words are blurry (often happens when you build the page in photoshop and don’t select full resolution under save for web and devices) as well as sites where the links to the portfolio is not able to be clicked. There are also some sites that have drop down menus, but when you try to click down the links they disappear before you have a chance to click on one of the galleries. I know some people really like music on websites, but I find it distracting as I am usually doing several things at once and have my own music playing. This has always been a problem, but I have always been told that websites should be easy to navigate. However, I am finding that so many photographers websites are not. As a photographer, keep in mind that the harder it is to navigate your site, the harder it is for people to see your work! As the digital world continues to grow, websites become a bigger and bigger part of our business. Make your work easy to see!

To end with a picture…

This little guy is sitting with UGA number 7. UGA sadly passed away in November 2009.