I have officially finished school! Talk about scary! I don’t think it has hit me yet that I am really done, but I suppose once everyone goes back to classes and I don’t it will.

My family comes into town tomorrow, I’m excited to see them, and then get some time at home for my cousins sweet 16!

Check out my new website! It is up and running with its new design! Here are some photos of my little cousin, not the 16 year old, the 16 month old!!

She LOVED the street stripes, don’t worry, there are hardly ever any cars on this road, it’s a dead end! She did however get very unhappy when a car was coming and she was picked up and moved out of the road!

I love the lighting on this one!

I love this little girl so much!

I had to put this up just because it was so funny!! We got off the escalator and she took off for the bra section, where she proceeded to take all the bras off the rack.