So I realize that I am not so great at this blogging thing! It seems time just seems to slip away so very easily these days! Not that I am convinced that anyone is really reading this blog! Unfortunately I was sick through most of February, but I am feeling better now and back in full swing of photographing! I have met so many wonderful, not to mention adorable kids in the past few weeks, and good news, my brand new website is almost done and up and running! ALSO, next Thursday I will officially be a college graduate! Talk about scary! Anyway, while I was blog stalking, also known as giving my back a rest from leaning over finals, I saw an amazing deal with an amazing photographer! Her work is so beautiful, if I was half as successful as she when I open my studio I would be overjoyed!Check out her blog here!

She is holding “An Extraordinary Workshop” which while I would love to attend, my college fund is officially out! For her birthday she is offering one lucky person a spot at one of her workshops (nice birthday gift to whoever wins!) However, she did get an awesome new camera for her birthday, so she is pretty lucky herself! Just wanted to get an extra chance at winning by putting this out there, her work is really amazing though, so definitely take a chance to check it out!

Here are some recent pictures….I fall in love with these cuties everytime I look at them!

I love this grab of moms hand!

Gorgeous little girl! Her big blue eyes totally give me eye envy!!

This little guy LOVES his cat! The cat loves him sometimes, usually when he isn’t laying on top of him, or petting (hitting) him 😛